Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice

Families and Practitioners trained in Joyful Together will be invited to join one of our communities of practice.

  • Online Joyful Together Community of Practice- Coming Soon

    We will create an online Joyful Together community of practice to make space for dialogue, troubleshooting, and idea sharing for all who use Joyful Together. Parents/Caregivers and Families will be able to share their expertise using Joyful Together with other families and even practitioners to keep growing Joyful Together and spreading even more joy!

  • Joyful Together Community of Learners Certificate Program- Read More Below

Joyful Together Community of Learners Certificate Program

We offer a Joyful Together Community of Learners (CoL) Certificate Program that takes family practitioners on a deeper dive to fully implement Joyful Together® into their family serving practices.  Across six (6)  monthly sessions, Community of Learners (family practitioners/educators & supervisors) will join the Joyful Together® team to explore together ways to actually do what was covered in the basic Joyful Together® training:

  • Help families infuse their daily routines with joyful play alongside lessons and objectives of routine programming (e.g. home visiting, preschool, clinical care) prevent ACEs, improve parent-child relationships, and boost play for healthy development;
  • Co-create strategies to continually improve the model.

The CoL sessions will cover: introducing Joyful Together® families who might have a variety of opinions about the importance of play and relationships with young children; differences in using Joyful Together® in person; how to make Joyful fit into standard programming practices (e.g. Parents as Teachers, early childhood mental health, early care & education); using programmatic tools to support implementation and evaluation; and create strategies to sustain use of Joyful Together® after completing the CoL Certificate Program.

CoL Certificate Program graduates will be expert Joyful Together® coaches for parents and families to directly tackle early childhood exposure to toxic stress and trauma through love, care, and play.

CoL Certificate Program Learner Objectives

1. Demonstrate proficiency introducing to introduce concepts of co-regulation, toxic stress and joy & play using a novel prevention practice within standard child and family programming.

2. Apply programmatic expertise through increasing use of Joyful Together® to fidelity during standard child and family programming.

3. Analyze connections between programmatic implementation and client outcomes and standard program evaluation.

4. Use Joyful Together® programmatic tools  to aid in implementation of the model within standard child and family programming.

5. Illustrate expertise through use of creative strategies to overcome challenges and barriers to successful implementation within child and family programming.

6. Create sustainability plans to continue use of Joyful Together that center reflective supervision strategies, data/outcome monitoring, and client feedback to support enhanced implementation within standard child and family practices.

Cost of CoL Certificate Program

The CoL Certificate Program is often offered as a bundle with the basic Joyful Together (or Joyful Together-ECE) training model. Please contact us for a training quote or to learn how to sign up for the next certificate series. Also, when funding is available, CoL Certificate Program may offer a learner stipend and even incentives for families served for feedback survey completion.

Joyful coaches getting coached.