Joyful Together® Activities

Joyful Together® Activities

Below are some examples of Joyful Together® activities. Please refer to the Joyful Together® manual (or parent book) for more information about how, why, and when these games work best.

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Brain Power

Hold your child’s head with both hands and look into their eyes: Your words and gaze are going to fill their brain up with power, quick wits, confidence, and love!

“It’s Brain Power time! I’m filling your brain up with extra strength and smarts! I’m adding bravery and love! What else do you need in there today? You’re smiling, do you need some extra smiles? OK, here they come! You’ll have these smiles in there all day, with hugs and kisses, too!”

How Tall Am I

Use random items to measure your child, such as a spatula, a dandelion, or a sneaker. Hold the item against your child and work your way up his body, building the excitement as you count higher and higher.

“Holy cow! You’re four coat hangers tall!”

Use an excited voice and animated gestures. Help your child find something fun to measure you with, too! Just how many remote controls tall is a grownup?

Let’s Take a Trip

You and your child take an imaginary trip, such as to the barber shop or nail salon. Talk about all the things that will happen on your trip and use playful, gentle touch to act them out on your child. The variations are endless. Use your own and your child’s interests and experiences. Remember, it’s all about being together and feeling the joy of the moment!

Make a Sound to Be Found

Hide-and-Seek with a twist: Take turns hiding, and make sounds so the seeker can find you. For variation, decide on a certain type of sound, such as animal sounds or vehicle sounds. Celebrate with hugs and kisses when hider and seeker are together again!

Rock-a-Bye Baby Hug

Pretend your child is still a little baby. Hold them in your arms and rock. Sing or hum a favorite lullaby. Set a silly mood by using a fast pace and more animated voice, or a calm mood by being slow and gentle.

Role Reversal

Your child gets to to tuck you into bed, hugging and kissing you goodnight. Then you do the same for your child. Also try Role Reversal when you and your child are stuck in a power struggle. Let your child “help” you brush your teeth, then you help them with theirs.